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Here's how Vivienne Westwood inspired this new punk Vans collab

We know you already have a closet filled with Vans, so you’re probably itching to grab yourself a pair from their forthcoming punk-themed collab inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s iconic designs.

From the brand’s debut logo in 1976 on The Vans #95 (now known as The Era) to keeping up to date with recent trends, Vans holds nothing back when it comes to creating charismatic shoe patterns. Whether it’s a spin on their classic checkerboard print or bringing our favorite movies and television shows to life in a wearable fashion. Most recently, Vans nearly broke the internet with the release of their Harry Potter and The Nightmare Before Christmas collections. 

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The Nightmare Before Christmas line showcases fan-favorite characters such as Sally with a shoe covered in her mismatched dress pattern. In a different design, Jack Skellington can be seen standing at the top of the curled mountain. Vans brings forth the eerie feeling fans get when entering Halloween Town by crafting dimly lit patterns on the shoes. 

The brand’s most recent collab with The Simpsons highlights the soft and comforting colors of the cartoon while invoking youthful nostalgia so clear you can almost hear Homer Simpson scream out “D’oh!” The collab is also available through Vans Customs where fans can customize their own shoe with a Simpsons pattern.

Now, Concepts, a brand combining skate with fashion since 1996, has announced a collab with Vans. Concepts is not one to shy away from a collaborative project. The brand uses their voice to make a statement within the brands they form working relationships with. The new “King Roads” collection shows their fearless voice as it dives into Vault by Vans for a punk-motivated design. 

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Vault by Vans x Concepts “King Roads” is set to release Sept. 24 and conjures up a new take on the Slip-on and Sk8-Hi. Vivienne Westwood and the boutique that she ran with her long-time partner, Sex Pistols manager the late Malcolm McLaren, find themselves at the forefront of inspiration for this collab.

Westwood has a reputation for embracing intense colors and patterns, presenting them in a sleek and tasteful way. She made it clear that fashion is much more than a price-tag. 

“King Roads” utilizes chaotic colors and forms them into a wearable statement, paying homage to Westwood and her staple styles. Covered in a material similar to mohair, the Sk8-Hi embraces red, pink and purple for a vibrant look.

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The multi-colored design is laid out in a subtle splatter-like pattern. Looking as if the designer spilled paint on these shoes and they slowly blended together. The inside of the shoes is coated in a solid purple color, appearing polished and pulling together the look. The shoe will be released in color schemes “Purple Plumeria” and “Multicolor.”

In contrast to the lively Sk8-Hi is the Slip-On, which is less bold with color, submerged in rebellious thick black and white stripes. Much like the Sk8-hi, the shoe is still completely engulfed in mohair with the sole of the shoe carrying out the black-and-white-striped style that was begun up top. The Slip-On is cataloged as “Black Marshmallow.” 

Both styles showcase branded-tags. While the Sk8-Hi is finished with Jazz Stripes. The Slip-On glides towards high-gloss black midsoles with striped stipulation fitting the shoes translucent outsole. Check out a photo of the collab below.

Concepts has had a “long-running working relationship” with Vans that has allowed the brands to push each other further, Concepts Creative Director Deon Point tells Sole Collector.

The new designs are highlighted with abstract materials, exaggerating the punk era of fashion of the 1970s. The brands have kept in mind the evolution of this fashion trend. The layout embodies old-school punk looks while adapting to the current punk-rock trends.

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“We explored the punk era of the 1970s, a period which theoretically is thought of as an anti-fashion movement, but one that we’ve seen throughout the years informing fashion on many levels.” Point explains. “In addition to its timelessness from a style perspective, the youth of today have a lot in common with those of the late 1970s, which has informed this generation’s fashion, politics and outlook.”

The Sk8-Hi shoe retails at $110 and the Slip-on at $90. You can check out the Vault by Vans x Concepts “The World’s End” collab on Sept. 24 via the Concepts store and webstore here.