You Me At Six just dropped a standalone single titled "Our House (The Mess We Made)." All proceeds for the song will go to Australian bushfire relief.

The last new music we had from the English pop rockers was the single "What's It Like" in Aug. 2019.

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"What's It Like" was You Me At Six's first new music since their 2018 album VI. You Me At Six have now released their first new music in nearly six months with "Our House (The Mess We Made)." All proceeds from the song will go to WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Association.

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Elaborating on the point that the song is about climate change, frontman Josh Franceschi also discusses the importance the youth has in the current crisis.

“We were inspired to address the issue of climate change, but equally by the hope that the youth have given me,” Franceschi says. “Never in my life have I seen a younger generation take to the streets to have their voices heard than on this subject. They want change, they want their futures back because our house is on fire, and we must act now.”

“Seeing footage of what has been happening in Australia, we felt compelled to do something to help those who are in need, both humans and wildlife. It’s for that reason we are using the most powerful tool at our disposal to help, music.”

Check out the visual for You Me At Six's "Our House (The Mess We Made)" below.

"Our House (The Mess We Made)" Lyrics

I look around me
And everyone’s a no show
I made the call but people saw the smoke
No we haven’t got time to be putting out fires that we didn’t start
You look light but I know you have a heavy heart

They say
Tell me why should I care about people that I have never met?
They don’t have my back, so answer why should I have any of theirs?

Our house is on fire
Our house is on fire
Our house is on fire
No one cares
Our house is on fire

Prophets with problems
Smart mouths don’t wanna solve them
Nobody can tell me, that we got a plan b, worth even hearing.
When I dream of outer space
I wonder what they’re thinking
When they look down and see
That the earth is bleeding

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The kids have taken the streets
They ain’t missing a thing
They want their futures back
When the leaders can’t lead,
we all look to a swede
who speaks most sense to me
Maybe finally its a time
For us to draw a line
In the mess we made

Our house is on fire
Our house is on fire
Our house is on fire
No one cares
Our house is on fire

Why should we care about people we have never met?

The kids have taken the streets
They ain’t missing a beat
they want their futures back
So don’t go getting cold feet
Now’s not the time to sleep
That makes the most sense to me

The YouTube description reiterates that all "Proceeds of the single are going to the WIRES Wildlife Emergency Fund to help fight the horrific, unrelenting fires that continue to decimate Australia."

To download You Me AT Six's new song, head here. To donate directly and find out more about what you can do to help WIRES Wildlife Emergency Fund, head here.

We get so happy when musicians use their gifts to bring light and goodness to a very important cause. Tell us what you think of "Our House (The Mess We Made)" in the comments below.

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