What do zodiac signs and pop punk have in common? Legions of people swear by them. If anybody ever threw shade at you for going to Warped Tour every year, give them a one-finger salute. You were supporting your scene. At least you weren't, say, a president asking an astrologist to help run the country. We get it, though. That's why we compiled this list of pop-punk songs that align with your zodiac sign.

We took the 12 zodiac signs and broke them down by birth dates, elements and the personality traits related to them. With that intel in place, we thought about the pop-punk tracks that fell closely in line with those characteristics. If you're already immersed into the realm of horoscopes and astrology,  you'll know what we're talking about. If not, you might learn something about yourself that you never previously considered. Ever wonder how your life looks on another astral plane altogether?

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We know what you're thinking. What band represents Capricorn in the best way? Which bands really bring the fire-signs? How is this APTV video going to help my love life? Are lucky numbers supplied so I can hit the lottery and get a new phone? We're not going to say anything that specific. But we will concur that the traits of your zodiac sign fall in line with the vibes these songs conjure nicely.

If you have absolutely no interest in horoscopes, astrology or zodiac signs, it's cool. You can review the tracks and make a damn fine playlist on your device. Because if you want to believe in anything that could guide your life, you could look up at the stars. Or you could turn up that one track that reaffirms your life like nothing else in the (un)known universe. Zodiac signs and music. Nobody really knows how they impact us. And in a world of over-sharing, maybe we need more mystery in our lives.