Alternative fashion store Dolls Kill is currently being boycotted due to an insensitive post from the founder appearing to support police brutality. 

This isn’t the first time they’ve had claims of racism against them, though, as the company has had several instances of displaying unapologetic cultural appropriation. They’ve also been accused of being anti-sex worker by Twitter users

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Dolls Kill went on to make a less than acceptable apology, which wasn’t received well as brands began to cut ties. “We fucked up. We should have been quicker [and] louder,” the company wrote on social media. 

Rather than support this controversial brand, AltPress has compiled a list of black-owned businesses that aren’t fast fashion, are in support of Black Lives Matter and have alternative, unique designs. From lingerie and enamel pins to cropped hoodies and silver skirts, you’re sure to find a new business to love. 


GRL TRBL has all the cutest enamel pins to decorate your denim jackets and bags. Founder Emerald Pellot uses them to convey badass political messages such as “Smash Racists,” “BLM” and “I’m Voting For All The F*cking Women.” Though the store isn’t operating currently due to coronavirus, you can sign up here for updates. 

Tier NYC

Brooklyn-based Tier NYC is the perfect brand to find stylish and comfy streetwear. Owners, artists and designers Nigeria Ealey, Esaïe Jean-Simon and Victor James have outfitted the likes of Rick Ross and Winnie Harlow with their affordable and colorful collections. 

Badmouthed Bruja

Badmouthed Bruja makes “witchy shit for badass brujas.” With this store, you can find pins, lanyards, keychains and more. You can even buy creepy enamel pins and stickers with skeletons and characters such as Prudence from Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, Rochelle from The Craft and Marie Laveau from American Horror Story. These are perfect for your oversized denim jacket or bookbag. 

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Ota-Q Apparel

Owner Callie Ota-Q grew up in Japan and moved to the U.S. for college, where she wanted to share her love for J-fashion. She promises “Anyone can be kawaii!” with her clothes. She offers spectacular, iridescent designs that are both whimsical and unique to each person who dons a piece. The brand is also plus-size inclusive. 

Feelmore Adult Gallery

Buy your kinky/BDSM-related accessories or adult toys from people who know how to do it right and stand with sex workers. Feelmore founder Nenna Joiner is a member of the black and LGBTQIA+ communities and aims to serve marginalized peoples’ specific sexual needs. Two stores are located in Oakland and Berkeley along with the online shop. You can also check out iCandi, another black-owned adult toy shop, whose CEO is Temmy Wallace. 

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Adorned By Chi

Adorned By Chi founder Jacque Aye doesn’t just make cute anime-inspired clothing. She also writes manga starring black women. In fact, her work is being adapted into scripts for use on television. You can also buy enamel pins and merchandise of your favorite characters from Aye’s comic books. 


CEO Cortnie Elizabeth of Love,Cortnie started this handbag and purse company in her grandmother’s kitchen in 2011. Her business grew over the past nine years, expanding to wallets, keychains, clutches, fanny packs and more with wild textures, funky colors and pleasing patterns for any occasion. 

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Gothic Lamb

Gothic Lamb is currently on a break due to coronavirus, but you can sign up here to be alerted when the online store is back in business. Lucy, the company’s founder, wanted to open up a space for black women in the alternative fashion world. You can see various fashions on the company’s Instagram centered around ghostly designs and black female empowerment for “melanated misfits.” She also serves as an asexual advocate


d.bleu.dazzled is the brand for people looking to literally shine in sexy lingerie. Designed by Destiney Bleu, these bedazzled bras, panties, crop tops, shorts and more are dazzling and reasonably priced. Her designs have been seen on several celebrities, including Cardi B, Justin Bieber, Fall Out Boy, Lizzo and more. Check out the full list here

Love, Vera


If you’re looking for sexy lingerie that shows off your curves with cutouts and mesh, check out Love, Vera. Founder Vera Moore celebrates all body types at her company and hopes every woman, no matter her size or skin color, feels beautiful. “Black women make things cool but remain outsiders to leadership and business opportunities in fashion. Love, Vera is going to change that,” she shares. Moore also uses her brand to hire black women and give them opportunities in the fashion industry. 

Do you have a favorite black-owned business we didn’t include? Let us know in the comments below who to shop with next. 

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