Over the past few weeks, Bring Me The Horizon have been teasing new music. The band originally planned to debut their new single "Parasite Eve" on June 10. However, Bring Me The Horizon decided to delay its release in solidarity of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now, the band have released another behind-the-scenes video of them working on new music. As part of a new series called "BMTHS2," Jordan Fish and Oli Sykes are releasing videos of them recording music while social distancing in their homes.

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It's been nearly six months since the band released their latest EP Music To Listen To… back in December. Now, the band are hard at work on their next album. Bring Me The Horizon have been releasing video updates showing how they are writing and recording their upcoming record while in coronavirus quarantine. 

At first, the band dropped a series of videos, all with “BMTH8” in the title. The updates ranged everywhere from a prank on Oli Sykes’ mom Carol to even a bit about an inferior penisNear the end of May, Bring Me The Horizon announced a second series of videos further detailing their efforts working remotely. This series is titled “BMTHS2.”

Bring Me The Horizon originally planned to release their new single "Parasite Eve" on June 10. However, they have since delayed its release as the protests over the wrongful killing of George Floyd continue. At this time, they have not shared when the single will make its debut.

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Despite this, they are continuing to share behind-the-scenes videos of them recording new music. So far, Bring Me The Horizon have released nine videos documenting their recording sessions.

On June 18, they shared another video showing Sykes recording screaming vocals for the new record. The vocalist teased the return of his guttural vocals back in April when he shared a clip featuring his screaming vocals on Instagram. Now, it appears he is going back to his Suicide Season roots for this new project. In various parts of the video, Sykes can be seen laying down heavy vocals for Bring Me The Horizon's new music.

Along with the recording process, the video series also depicts the band's lives while in quarantine. In the new video called "08BMTHS2-just sum screams-.mp4," Sykes can be seen listening to Avril Lavigne and spending time with his dog. As well, both band members can also be seen spending time with their loved ones in person and on video chat.

In previous behind-the-scenes videos, the band have shared clips of new songs and new lyrics that may appear on their next album. At this time, both the name and release date for the album have not been shared.

The new video called "08BMTHS2-just sum screams-.mp4" is available to stream below. Head here to watch all of Bring Me The Horizon's other behind-the-scenes videos.

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