Bring Me The Horizon have been keeping us and themselves entertained with studio update videos through coronavirus quarantine. Well now it seems we might finally see the fruits of their labor. 

BMTH posted a cryptic teaser on social media that could mean a new track from BMTH8 is on the way.

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In mid-March, Bring Me The Horizon announced they were working on new material tagged for a release tentatively titled BMTH8. The new release will be the first new material from them since dropping their Music To Listen To… EP back in December.

The updates ranged everywhere from prank on Oli Sykes’ mom Carol to the return of Suicide Season era growls. There was even a bit about an inferior penis

But, over the course of these updates, we've seen a song potentially titled "Parasite Eve" take shape. The new teaser shows Sykes, Jordan Fish, Lee Malia, Mat Nicholls and Matt Kean. Sykes is video calling them as the drone of the ring ever continues. It finally cuts to black where we see Bring Me The Horizon's logo. Check it out below. 
Many fans are speculating that this indeed means that "Parasite Eve," or whatever it may be called is due for release very soon. Check out some reactions to the new teaser. 

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If you haven't been keeping up with Bring Me The Horizon's updates, someone painstakingly clipped together all of the teasers for the track into one video. Check that out below. 

Finger crossed we're getting new Bring Me The Horizon music soon. If you haven't' yet, stream their most recent release Music To Listen To...below. 

UPDATE: MAY 22, 2020, 1:31 P.M. ET

Bring Me The Horizon has just posted to social media a new video titled "00BMTHS2-prologue-.mp4" The video shows footage of all the band members living in quarantine but centers on one message. They can and did record music. They pushed past the boundaries of separation and were able to do what they love.

"So we're going to be sharing our progress with you," Sykes says. "You're going to see how we write remotely, how we record remotely and everything in between. So watch this space. I hope everyone is happy and healthy and finding the little pleasures that they can in this weird and fucked up time. Peace."

Stay tuned because it seems Bring Me The Horizon has plenty of things to share with us on this journey.

The social media posts also had #parasiteeve so we could be getting that track very soon.


Do you think this teaser means new Bring Me The Horizon Music is on the way? Sound off in the comments below!

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