Tom Holland
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Tom Holland. Our beloved Spider-Man. Or as some have come to call him, Spoiler-Man. Holland has a reputation for spilling some of Marvel’s cinematic secrets, so much so that even HE fell for a spoof article claiming he had uploaded the entire Avengers: Endgame film online.

Oh, Tom.

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While Holland has had his fair share of spoiler moments, including spoiling Jurassic World 2 for Chris Pratt, even he couldn’t mess things up this badly.

That’s because the Avengers film is currently in reshoots, therefore being impossible to upload to the internet.

Besides, given Holland’s reputation, we doubt anyone from Marvel would ever give him an upload of the film. You know, just to be safe.

Still, that didn’t keep Tom Holland from freaking out after seeing the fake article’s headline.

Satire Article Is So Realist That Even The Real Tom Holland Believed It… (Tom answers fan account on IG – tom.annaholland) from r/marvelstudios

This is why we love Tom Holland.

It wouldn’t be the first time Spider-Man has done something like this. He’s exposed a fair share of Marvel spoilers before, which led to him getting paired off in interviews with Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange).

The pair make quite a hilarious combination, with Cumberbatch stopping Holland from saying too much on numerous occasions.

Avengers: Endgame is set to hit theaters on April 26. You can watch the trailer for the film, below.

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