Trapt are popping up in the news again thanks to the announcement of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games getting a remaster. The official soundtrack of the game was revealed last week and fans have now created petitions to keep the band's perennial hit "Headstrong" from appearing in the game.

The real kicker is that the Trapt has never appeared in the game, wasn't included in the latest OST teaser and "Headstrong" even came out years after the first two THPS games. Nevertheless, the internet is gonna be weird. 

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A 4K remaster of the first two Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games was announced last week, to the enjoyment of most of the world. Then, a few days later, developer Vicarious Visions put together an official Spotify playlist of the soundtrack. It features many of the original acts including Rage Against The Machine, Bad Religion and Lagwagon

However, nowhere is there "Headstrong" or any Trapt song. Still, a number of petitions popped up to stop Trapt from being in the THPS games. 

One petition is more concerned with strictly the musical element of not wanting Trapt in the game. 

"Trapt is wack and we aint letting an amazing game be ruined by its trapts weak ass songs," the petition reads. This one has garnered nearly 15,000 signatures. 

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Another petition is more concerned with the recent Twitter tirade Trapt's vocalist Chris Taylor Brown has been on. That all started back in March and can only be described as absolutely ridiculous. In addition to Brown saying very offensive and inflammatory things, he's also threatened to beat up Ice-T and everyone else. All of that can be read ad nauseam here

"Trapt is a washed up rock group whose lead vocalist routinely tweets racist commentary and political misinformation," a second petition reads. "It was recently announced that "headstrong", one of the bands few commercial successes, will be included in the track listing for the newly remastered Tony Hawk Pro Skater games. I encourage all those who condemn the behavior of Christopher Taylor Brown to join me by signing this petition to have their music pulled from the game and boycotting its release until they do."

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A third petition referenced the specific Twitter beef between Brown and Power Trip's Riley Gale. 

"Let’s replace 'headstrong' on Tony Hawks Pro Skater Remastered with a track by Power Trip and show that doofus Chris Taylor Brown and his hot takes that he’s played out, washed up, and nobody cares about his opinions or his garbage music. Power Trip is the bigger band, with more fans, and deserves to replace them on the new game." 

Of course, the news spilled over to Twitter where Brown caught wind of it and threatened legal action. The whole debacle may have started when someone posted an allegedly photoshopped tweet. It showed Trapt announcing they were on the soundtrack.

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Check out some other hot takes and reactions below. Some people even pointed out that Trapt is not even on the soundtrack.

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Trapt are releasing their new album Shadow Work on June 19. Tell is what you think about this Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Trapt news in the comments below!

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