Pop punk is an ever-evolving genre, constantly ushering in a new generation of favorites. But our hearts and playlists will never forget those who built the solid foundation of the genre.

Head below for some of the most infulential bands of pop punk.

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Fall Out Boy

Let’s review Fall Out Boy’s career, shall we: hit it big with their debut LP, hit it massive with their sophomore effort and churned out two other solid albums before a four year hiatus. They came back with three more albums and secured slots playing the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, football commercials and the most anticipated tour of the summer. (What have you done during the last ten years?) What’s most impressive is FOB never forgetting their roots: They commit to producing and mentoring up-and-coming artists and still close every show with one of their first singles, “Saturday.”

Sum 41

When we talked to your current favorite pop-punk artists for our Pop Punk Special, we were overwhelmed with how many of them cited Sum 41 as a heavy influence. Everyone from Trash Boat to Waterparks talked about listening to the first full-length, All Killer, No Filler, and knowing this was the sort of music they needed to make. The most effusive praise came from rising British favorites ROAM, who just so happened to land a full UK tour with Sum 41 in 2016. How’s that for influence?


While they’re definitely best known for the perfect summer song “Ocean Avenue,” Yellowcard not only brought pop punk to the mainstream, but they also made it unique by adding a violin. With both ballads and bangers to their name, their legacy has continued despite playing their final show in 2017.

New Found Glory

Sometimes a band’s influence is simply sticking around to continue to make awesome music. New Found Glory have been touring and releasing LPs for more than twenty years, with all four current members having been around since the band’s inception in ’97. They paved the way for so many pop punk bands (some of whom are also on this list!) by taking them out on tour in their early days. And, of course, that’s all on top of creating songs meant for screaming every word at the top of your lungs.

Simple Plan

These Canadian natives hit the scene hard with their debut, No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls. While the album titles have gotten a tad more mature, their music still sounds made for every summer vacation. And then, 14 years into their career, they collaborated with...Nelly? Yeah, you read that right. Just goes to show Simple Plan aren’t afraid to take risks and still keep coming out with awesome pop-influence albums.


It’s hard to mention pop punk in any way without saying blink-182’s name in the same breath. blink were one of the first bands to bring pop punk to the mainstream with incredible hooks, questionable lyrics and cheerful “fuck you and everyone you know” personalities.

Green Day

As much as we love blink, even the most diehard fans have to admit that they learned some of their tricks from the other awesome Cali pop-punk band. Green Day are champions of bringing punk to America, and then the mainstream. In both looks and sound, most of the biggest pop-punk bands today are (lovingly) ripping off Green Day

Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte made waves by releasing The Young And The Hopeless back in 2002 and have been playing to crowds of stoked fans since. In addition to their music inspiring countless musicians to pick up instruments, the Madden bros & co. have also started their own management company MDDN and brought Waterparks out on tour with them when they were still up-and-coming.

Jimmy Eat World

Besides being known for “The Middle,” Jimmy Eat World brought a more technical edge to the world of pop punk. They added deeper lyrical content and precise musicianship to a genre that somehow became notorious for less-than-stellar live shows and songs about “getting the girl.”  They just released their tenth (yes, tenth) studio album, Surviving, in October 2019.


Basically every band you like now were influenced by a band who was influenced by MxPx, if not directly. They brought together the best parts of hardcore, punk and pop hooks to make music that will either make you belt out the lyrics or smash someone’s headlight in...or maybe both at the same time. They have a plentiful discography full of pop-punk classics that have spanned generations. Not convinced? Check out frontman Mike Herrera performing with Simple Plan at the 2015 APMAs here.