Sleeping With Sirens recently celebrated the seventh anniversary of their third album, Feel, which dropped June 4. Alone” was the second single released from the record, and it’s been a song we constantly go back to. It doesn’t hurt that Machine Gun Kelly also has a verse on it, so it’s two of our favorite artists in one. 

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We wanted to test your knowledge of the band’s collab with Machine Gun Kelly in our lyrics quiz below. See if you can pass the test or if you need to do some studying.

More on Sleeping With Sirens

It’s been about a year since Sleeping With Sirens released the first single, “Leave It All Behind,” off their latest, How It Feels To Be Lost. The follow-up to 2017’s Gossip returned to the band’s post-hardcore roots, a promise made all the way back in February 2018. Then, guitarist Jack Fowler made the first reference of writing “some 2012-sounding SWS stuff.”

In September, Quinn offered up the same sentiment, telling a fan “You got it” after they requested “Let’s Cheers To This-era vibes.” Fowler confirmed the return again in December, tweeting the band were “heavier and better than ever.”

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The band delivered with the single and then the full album in September, which marked their first on Sumerian Records. This year, the band starting teasing another heavy tune, “Talking To Myself,” which will be released with a deluxe edition of the LP.

In April, Fowler nonchalantly shared a snippet of an unreleased track with “Sirens 2020. ??.” Quinn followed it up by revealing SWS are dropping the deluxe edition and confirming that’s where fans will hear the track. 

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“So, we’re in the process of getting ready to put out a deluxe reissue of How It Feels to Be Lost which will include three acoustic versions of songs on that album and a new single called ‘Talking To Myself’ which is the clip he [Fowler] showed on Instagram and Twitter.”

Quinn also shares that they recorded a heavy new song, saying, “We also just recorded another single that he tracked the music to, and I tracked vocals to that was pretty heavy as well.”

The band finally dropped the song last week along with details on the deluxe reissue of How It Feels To Be Lost. Hitting shelves and streaming Aug. 21, you can preorder it here. Check out “Talking To Myself” here.