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These 15 punk guitarists of the '80s set the standards for the future

Welcome to Alternative Press’ list of the 15 greatest punk guitarists of the ’80s. As the timeline shifted from the ’70s into the new decade, the music changed. Punk had morphed from stripped-down, high-speed rock ’n’ roll with a nasty attitude. It was now faster and louder than the already fast and loud sound, with […]

Here are 15 forgotten punk albums you’ll wish you discovered sooner

You think you know your punk history? You’ve studied protopunk, punk rock, post-punk, hardcore, grunge, pop punk, garage-punk and every other hyphenated subgenre spinoff? You know your Stooges and MC5 and New York Dolls and Flamin’ Groovies? Your Ramones and Heartbreakers and Blondie? Well, that’s cool. But do you know about the stuff that fell […]

10 classic '80s underground moments from the movie 'Urgh! A Music War'

In the ’80s, there were plenty of great recordings that came out of the nascent new-wave and punk scenes. But one of the single greatest documents of the period was actually a movie. Urgh! A Music War was the 1981 concert film that featured 36 bands from the U.S. and U.K. playing live. The film […]

The best punk albums of 1986 were the sounds of rules being broken

1986 was a turning point for punk rock. Some people thought it should stay frozen in beer-soaked amber or it should sit the hell down. For a culture that proclaimed there were no rules, it felt like the punk-rock rulebook was going to go into its second or third editions. Fortunately, there were plenty of […]

These 15 punk albums of 1986 mutated the underground even further

1986 was the year that speed metal and crossover (metal/core a la Cro-Mags’ The Age Of Quarrel) metastasized across the now-stale hardcore scene. The true sound of mid-’80s punk was the seeds of pop punk. Hüsker Dü were the kings of this, although Descendents really are the square root of every band who eventually played […]

‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2’ adds over 30 new songs to its soundtrack

On July 28, a virtual concert was held to unveil the full tracklisting for the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 soundtrack. Along with some classics songs from the original games, the franchise is getting a major boost with some new music. Now, it has been revealed that the remastered game’s soundtrack includes over 30 new […]

It’s almost time to find out the new music on ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2’

We are a little over a month away from the release of the remastered Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Since the video game’s reboot, many diehard fans have been wondering who will be featured on the game’s soundtrack. Thanks to Noisey, the game’s entire soundtrack is being announced during a virtual concert on Tuesday, July 28. […]

These 15 punk albums from 1985 are the roots of alternative rock 

The year is 1985: Punk’s now 10 years old and changing again. Hardcore was now a formula: 1. Pick a seemingly random number of initials for your name (Say, SRI – Social Reagan Injustice); 2. Play at light speed. 3. Sing about how you hate Reagan and nuclear war. 4. Shave your head. Like rock […]

QUIZ: How well do you know your punk-rock history?

Punk rock has evolved so much since its beginnings over five decades ago. While modern bands enjoy the freedom of singing about whatever they please, it wouldn’t have been that way without the pioneering artists who rebelled against the mainstream back in the ’70s and ’80s. From veterans such as Black Flag, Descendents, the Sex […]

30 classic discographies to immerse yourself in while at home

While everyone is self-isolating, we’re all looking for ways to fill our time. Why not spend it digging into some of the classic bands you’ve always been meaning to learn about but haven’t been able to? With the amount of spare time everyone has, sitting down and listening to an iconic band’s entire discography is […]

These 15 punk records from 1980 were complete game-changers

By 1980, U.S. major labels abandoned punk with Sid Vicious‘ corpse. The American underground reacted, hard: “Don’t want us? Fuck you, we’ll do it ourselves!” The independent record distribution and touring network kicked off in earnest, as the harder/faster/louder hardcore punk sound started revving up, initially in Los Angeles before spreading across America through the […]

QUIZ: Which iconic punk mascot are you?

A band’s logo or mascot is something fans can recognize the second they see it, and few genres have created as many iconic logos as punk. From Dead Kennedys‘ circle logo to Misfits‘ Crimson Ghost and more, punk bands have crafted images that will forever be a significant part of our culture.  Take the quiz […]

Foo Fighters quietly drop EP featuring Dead Kennedys, Arcade Fire covers

The Foo Fighters have released a surprise EP “01070725” that features a few live recordings, some demo songs and a few covers.  The new record features five songs in total.  Read more: nothing,nowhere., Travis Barker drop ‘Bloodlust’ EP with blackbear collab Foo Fighters released live covers of Arcade Fire’s “Keep The Car Running” and Dead […]

Punk icons Dead Kennedys drop triple-disc ‘DK40’ set

“Basically, I went through 30 or 40 different shows,” underground guitar legend East Bay Ray says of DK40, the new triple-disc box set documenting the live fury of San Francisco’s Dead Kennedys, the punk band he founded in 1978. The three shows number among the best tapes Ray’s found from across DK’s history: Amsterdam’s Paradiso […]

19 Black Friday Record Store Day exclusives we can’t wait to buy

Black Friday and Record Store Day are two very different holidays. Where Black Friday is about finding the cheapest deals at the most convenient place, Record Store Day is all about shopping locally at independent stores. Now, in an attempt to get more people to support their local record stores, RSD is coming at us […]

Riot Fest Oral History: The Misfits and Jawbreaker reunions we never thought we'd see

Over the past decade, Riot Fest has become one of the most beloved festivals in the world. They have reunited some of punk’s most iconic bands, and, in many ways, set the bar for how genuinely great a music festival can be. But when founder Mike Petryshyn started out in 2005, literally none of this […]

Jello Biafra allegedly refuses Dead Kennedys reunion

Riot Fest has been known to bring some epic reunions to the stage, including last year when the original Mistfits lineup performed. Unfortunately, for those hoping to see Dead Kennedys together again on stage, you'll have to keep waiting. Read more: Watch Misfits reunite for first time in over 30 years at Riot Fest Founding member […]

Onstage sex act interrupts Dead Kennedys concert

A man and woman engaged in oral sex onstage at a Dead Kennedys concert in California this past Thursday, Billboard reports. At the Belly Up Tavern, concertgoers took photos as a man performed the act on a woman, who was lying down on the stage. (Jezebel has the very NSFW images.) “This was something definitely […]

The Blood Brothers’ Jordan Blilie and Johnny Whitney on the records that shaped them

Over the course of 10 years, five albums and unfathomable odometer abuse, the Blood Brothers brought a much-needed vibrancy to America’s punk, hardcore and indie-rock scenes. Vocalists Jordan Blilie and Johnny Whitney were shrieking jet turbines in human form, ably powered by guitarist Cody Votolato, bassist/synth op Morgan Henderson and drummer Mark Gajadhar. The Bloods […]

Josh Homme, Jello Biafra, Duff McKagan, more to appear in 'Portlandia' season four

Guest stars for the fourth season of IFC’s hit comedy Portlandia have been announced, and a solid list of musicians have made the cut—including Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age), Duff Mckagan (Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver) and Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys). Check out the full list of guests below: Tunde Adebimpe (TV On […]
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