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This rare photo gives a new look at My Chemical Romance’s return show

Dec. 20, 2020 officially marks the 1-year anniversary of My Chemical Romance reuniting onstage in California. As a historic event within the band’s history, the members have been celebrating the anniversary in a number of ways. Now, Frank Iero has shared a rare behind-the-scenes photo taken moments before MCR’s legendary return show. The rare photo […]

See how Frank Iero’s new tattoo is celebrating an iconic MCR moment

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since My Chemical Romance reunited onstage in Los Angeles. Even though 2020 has been a year no one expected, MCR are reflecting back on their iconic return in celebration of the show’s 1st anniversary. As well, Frank Iero is showing off a new tattoo that is a […]

Bishop Briggs spent years idolizing MCR before witnessing their return

My Chemical Romance rang the alarm of authenticity and aggression in a way that was digestible for their maturing audience. Bishop Briggs may not have seen the group while they were dominating the world on their Black Parade tour, but that didn’t stop her from idolizing them and allowing their music to influence her as […]

Here’s the one hint Gerard Way gave Aidan Gallagher before MCR’s return

Before being cast as Number Five on the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, Aidan Gallagher admired My Chemical Romance’s deeply conceptualized concepts that helped shape him as a singer-songwriter. Read more: Here’s when we’re finally getting ‘The Umbrella Academy’ season 2 Tell me about your experience hearing My Chemical Romance for the first time in […]

Here’s the song Remington Leith can’t believe MCR played at the Return

From their hauntingly theatrical atmosphere in “Helena” to screaming “I’m not o-fucking-kay,” there’s no doubt that My Chemical Romance are one of the most influential bands of the scene. In our latest My Chemical Romance Holy Book issue, Palaye Royale frontman Remington Leith reflects on how the MCR shaped him as an artist and performed […]

10 things we can't wait to see if My Chemical Romance do

Face it: My Chemical Romance could do virtually anything (as long as it’s not another hiatus), and fans would be eternally indebted to them. On what would have been their “death day,” fans no longer need to mourn their untimely departure. After announcing their return Oct. 31, 2019, fans have anxiously waited for a new […]

Frank Iero reminds MCR fans of reunion hint in front of them all along

My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero is reminding the internet of a hint about the band’s return that fans didn’t pick up on. In case you missed it, in December, Iero confirmed on Twitter that he was hinting at MCR’s reunion long before it was even announced. Read more: 10 things we can’t believe we used to […]

Gerard Way return show symbol appears on new MCR merch

My Chemical Romance just announced their first North American tour in 9 years, and their new merchandise features the symbol Gerard Way wore at their reunion show. The band previously dropped merch with new symbols at their comeback show in Los Angeles last month. Read more: My Chemical Romance announce first US tour in 9 years […]

My Chemical Romance ‘Danger Days’ car teaser sparks US tour theory

My Chemical Romance are continuing their cryptic return with another flag-centric teaser alluding to a past album cycle. Fans have prepared themselves for a potential U.K. show announcement set for June and now it appears to be the United States’ turn. Following a The Black Parade and vampiric I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought […]

My Chemical Romance return—see the last song from historic reunion set

My Chemical Romance have officially returned to the stage for the first time in seven years. The band put those fresh picks and new guitars to good use for the comeback of the decade. On Halloween, MCR announced their return show for nearly two months away in Los Angeles. Now that wait and emotional preparation is finally over as the band […]

My Chemical Romance reunion show setlist includes hits, deep cuts

It was an unforgettable and emotional night for My Chemical Romance fans as we watched our emo icons take the stage once again. As we end the night with smudged eyeliner and full hearts, we take a look back at the career-spanning setlist from tonight’s reunion show. Check it out below! Read more: Saves The […]

My Chemical Romance highlight new statue in return imagery

My Chemical Romance are playing the most anticipated show of the decade. They announced their return with an image of a Pasquale Rizzoli statue. Now, the backdrop image at their show is a different statue than the one they first teased. The original statue was of a pair. The image used in the backdrop at […]

Saves The Day join Thursday for My Chemical Romance return show set

Last month, Thursday sparked a whole new level of excitement regarding the My Chemical Romance reunion show after being announced as the opener. Now, this historical emo moment is upon us as Thursday kick off the night in the very best way possible by pulling Saves The Day frontman Chris Conley onstage! Check it out […]

My Chemical Romance fans prepare for the return with era-spanning looks

My Chemical Romance fans are a rabid bunch. People have come from all over the world to witness a moment in history that is the My Chemical Romance reunion. Whether they’re from California or Cambodia, they all have on thing in common. Check out some faces of the lucky bunch below. Read more: My Chemical […]

My Chemical Romance fans lead emo sing-along waiting for the return

After years of waiting, My Chemical Romance fans are ready to paint it black and take it back as the doors open for the band’s long-awaited and highly anticipated reunion show! Fans who arrived early blessed our timelines with pictures of MCR return merch and a trailer with new symbols possibly hinting at new music. […]

My Chemical Romance fan celebrates first in line with most on-brand way

My Chemical Romance are obviously more than a band. They impact lives in a way that has changed the very fabric of people’s emotions. Many humans have tattoos supporting the legendary act. Love makes us do crazy things. In anticipation of the My Chemical Romance reunion, fans have been waiting outside the venue since Tuesday, […]

Can you pass this ridiculous My Chemical Romance trivia quiz?

Soldiers of the MCRmy, the day is finally here. My Chemical Romance will be returning to the stage for the first time since 2012. In celebration, we think it’s time to brush up on our MCR knowledge! Take this quiz to find out if you need to spend more time researching or if you’re ready […]

My Chemical Romance soundcheck hints at potential reunion setlist

With 24 hours until My Chemical Romance return to the stage, the band headed to the Shrine Auditorium to soundcheck for their reunion show. The MCRmy has been lined up throughout the day with reports of fans beginning their setup Tuesday. Eager with anticipation, some fans on-site caught footage of the band’s soundcheck. Read more: My […]

23 badass My Chemical Romance tattoos inspired by their return

We’re still living in a post-My Chemical Romance reunion world with a little more than four weeks passing since the return. While we’re still dreaming up our ideal setlist for their return to the stage in two weeks, some of the MCRmy have already added to their ink in celebration. Fans across the world are […]