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10 underrated albums from the 2000s you probably forgot about

Anyone who’s had any kind of scene phase is likely to look back on the 2000s fondly. With numerous hit alternative albums, including Paramore‘s Riot! and Yellowcard‘s Ocean Avenue, we were really blessed with some great music.

Unfortunately, our nostalgia really only tends to gravitate toward a small number of the decade’s countless masterpieces. Don’t believe us? Dig up your 2008 iPod and tell us there aren’t a few titles on there that pleasantly surprised you.

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Read on to hear about 10 albums of the 2000s that we think are vastly underrated.

The Veronicas – Hook Me Up

It seems like forever ago that dance-pop queens the Veronicas were sharing stages with the likes of Never Shout Never and the Academy Is… While they’re still cranking out hits in 2020 (be sure to check out “Biting My Tongue“), it seems that their scene foundations are largely forgotten. Given that their hit “Untouched” was a neon staple, though, we think that Hook Me Up should be way better memorialized.

NOFX – Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing

Given that they’re rooted in the ’80s, it’s really no surprise that NOFX are a household name for every punk and their mother. While we’re quick to acknowledge their well-deserved recognition in the scene, it seems one late 2000s album is often left out of the conversation. Do yourself a favor and stream Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing from front to back today. You’ll be amazed by how well it holds up.

Sum 41 – Chuck

Sum 41 were another big name to come up in the early 2000s scene. While we’re beyond thrilled that they’re active and overwhelmingly successful today, it’s a bummer that Chuck doesn’t get mentioned more. After all, it was pretty legendary proof of heavy-leaning pop punk for its time, and it still sounds phenomenal.

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Down With Webster – Time To Win, Vol. I EP 

Despite sharing stages with scene icons, including the Bigger Lights and the Friday Night Boys circa 2010, Down With Webster are grossly overlooked. Their Time To Win, Vol. I EP is catchy and anthemic in the very best ways. Fortunately, we have more than enough opportunity to make it up to them. The band have been dropping music this year for the first time since 2014. Be sure to check out “Love Is Not Enough” and “Take Us Alive.”

Billy Talent  Billy Talent

Billy Talent just graced us with the emotional anthem “Forgiveness I + II” in 2019. And while their progression over their tenure has been undeniably incredible, we’d be remiss in not acknowledging their roots. The band’s debut self-titled album was a widespread radio success and contributed significantly to the punk culture of the time. Even today it remains a force to be reckoned with. Just try not to sing along to every song—we bet you can’t.

zebrahead – Broadcast To The World

zebrahead are yet another outfit going strong in 2020 (if you missed it, check out Brain Invaders – Deluxe Goes Instrumental). Though the band never had the same commercial success as some of their peers, they had a pretty significant mid-2000s presence that we’d be careless to forget. Their sixth studio album, Broadcast To The Worldmarked the debut of the outfit’s present vocalist Matty Lewis and was a poster child for pop-punk experimentation and genre-bending.

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Demi Lovato – Don’t Forget

Demi Lovato‘s transition from Disney Channel star to pop-rock-prodigy was met with mixed reactions. Unfortunately, many alternative music fans were quick to stick up their noses at the iconic vocalist. Of course, everyone ate their words when she collabed with William Beckett on “For The Love Of A Daughter.” Looking back, it’s a tragedy that we didn’t appreciate her debut album, Don’t Forget. By all standards, the record was great and even included a number of alternative-rock elements. We’re sorry, Demi. We’ll do better.

The Bigger Lights – Fiction Fever EP 

The Bigger Lights didn’t really break out onto the scene until the release of their self-titled album in 2010. Prior to that, though, they’d really set their foundations with their Fiction Fever EP. This is a band that we’d argue need to be talked about more overall, but it’s a straight-up crime that this EP doesn’t get the scene recognition it deserves. Seriously, listen through and try to tell us it’s not a perfect representation of pop punk at the time.

Boys Like Girls – Love Drunk

When one mentions Boys Like Girls, the mind jumps straight to their debut self-titled album. We can hardly fault anyone for that association. The record was a breakout success, and “The Great Escape” is understandably a popular point of nostalgia. Where’s the continued discussion over Love Drunk, though? Did we all just forget that the band teamed up with Taylor Swift on “Two Is Better Than One“? Given the hype that surrounded their sophomore album and the straight-up jam that was “Contagious,” it’s a wonder why this one isn’t etched more prominently into the stone of pop-punk history.

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Hot Chelle Rae – Lovesick Electric

Yeah, yeah, “Tonight Tonight” was a radio hit capable of overshadowing anything and everything. But before Hot Chelle Rae exploded onto mainstream radio, they graced the neon-pop scene with Lovesick Electric. In case you haven’t listened back on it for the better part of a decade, let us ruin the surprise: It’s still as perfect as the day it was released.

Which albums from the 2000s do you think deserve way more cred? Sound off in the comments!