Last month, a talented young drummer named Jacob Velazquez decided to take on Fall Out Boy for his America's Got Talent audition.

For his performance in front of the celebrity panel, Velazquez completely nailed his drum cover of Fall Out Boy's "Centuries." The Fall Out Boy song is taken from the band's 2015 album American Beauty/American Psycho

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For his audition, Velazquez performed both an original song as well as a Fall Out Boy drum cover. Both of his performances greatly show his versatile love for music and performing. His performance also helped bring to light the 12-year-old's battle with a pervasive developmental disorder.

"Jacob Velazquez is achieving greatness by making his dreams come true," the video description reads. "Jacob speaks candidly about his PDD-NOS and performs an original song and 'Centuries' by Fall Out Boy."

As Velazquez explains, a pervasive developmental disorder, unless specified specifically, is an autism spectrum disorder similar to Asperger syndrome. For Velazquez, he isn't letting the disorder stop him from achieving his dreams.

"I want to be on America's Got Talent to show people that just because you have some kind of disability or some kind of diagnosis doesn't mean you aren't capable of great things," Velazquez says.

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Velazquez auditioned in front of the America's Got Talent panel that included Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Modern Family's Sofia Vergara and Eric Stonestreet. His audition for the show's 15th season originally aired on June 30.

The judges were touched by his moving audition on the piano. After Velazquez finished performing his original song, he disappeared behind a curtain. He then emerged behind a drumset and kicked off his "Centuries" cover that both entertained and pleasantly surprised the judges.

Velazquez is one of many kid music prodigies to show their love for rock music. Nandi Bushell has forged a career for herself through her viral covers. So far, she has covered artists including Rage Against The Machine, twenty one pilots, Foo Fighters and the Killers on various instruments. She even recently got a surprise gift and message from Tom Morello after her RATM cover went viral.

Velazquez's full America's Got Talent audition with his Fall Out Boy drum cover is available to watch below.

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