Horror movies have covered every topic known to man, and we mean every topic. We mean, have you seen the movie Teeth?

Our favorite gruesome, bloody and deranged films have perhaps caused some of us to develop fears of normal places and things. For example, the whole state of Connecticut is depicted as being full of ghosts, so we might just avoid it entirely.

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Below, we’ve compiled everything that our favorite, well-loved horror movies have completely ruined for us. We may never be able to sleep again, honestly.

1. Oceans

Aside from the fact that over 90 percent of our oceans are unexplored, horror movies  make any place with water terrifying. Just consider shark movies such as Jaws, The Reef, 47 Meters Down, The Meg, etc. Even movies such as Piranha make it scary to sit in an inner tube on the off chance a piranha might nibble our butt. Even touching seaweed in ocean water is enough to make us scream now.

2. Dreams

Horror movies disturbed our perfect slumber. A Nightmare On Elm Street made us all scared to fall asleep and stay asleep. Freddy Krueger might’ve also ruined red-striped sweaters and fedoras for us, too.

3. Places of worship

Apparently, we can’t worship in peace due to movies such as The Nun, The Omen and The Exorcist. Every creek and shadow in these places is terrifying right after you watch a possession movie. At least we’re in the right place to get exorcised should it be necessary.

4. Hotels

We all wish we could have a hotel experience like Kevin in Home Alone 2, but alas, The Shining ruined them. Hotel bed sheets are scary enough, but now we have to worry about terrifying twins or a man with an axe going crazy on our floor? No thanks.

5. Summer camps

Ah, summer camp. It’s a fun place where you make friends, crafts, friendship bracelets…and you might just get murdered. Thank Friday The 13th for that logic.

6. Halloween

John Carpenter’s brainchild Halloween released Michael Myers into the world and our psyche. This festive holiday could result in lots of candy, or getting stabbed in the head according to these movies. We also can’t forget Trick ‘R Treat. Getting a trick-or-treater like Sam makes us want to board our houses up forever, or, at the very least, give out Tootsie Rolls instead of good candy.

7. Forests and parks

Nature was once a beautiful thing before Blair Witch Project, The Forest, Evil Dead and Cabin In The Woods. There’s always something lurking behind a tree, or if you’re watching The Happening, the tree is the thing you should be afraid of.