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How indie-pop songwriter Suki Waterhouse almost deleted her viral TikTok hit “Good Looking”

Suki Waterhouse is fresh off her latest EP, Milk Teeth. The artist details starring in Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Daisy Jones & the Six and TikTok virality.

‘The Batman’ is getting a sequel, Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves to return

The moment we’ve all been waiting for: The Batman 2 is happening. Additionally, Robert Pattinson will return as the titular vigilante, and Matt Reeves is back in the director’s chair. Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group‘s Toby Emmerich announced the news during the studio’s CinemaCon presentation in Las Vegas. Read more: Robert Pattinson has a vision for […]

‘The Batman’ deleted scene with the Joker revealed by solving riddles

A recently revealed deleted scene from The Batman showcases an interaction between Batman (Robert Pattinson) and one very special Arkham inmate: The Joker (Barry Keoghan). The scene comes as a prize for a “rataalada” puzzle, a website created to market the movie. Read more: ‘The Batman’ eyeing sequel ahead of potentially massive opening weekend Fans […]

‘The Batman’ eyeing sequel ahead of potentially massive opening weekend

DC Comics fans may have another The Batman movie coming their way, according to director Matt Reeves. And with a plethora of positive reviews and a predicted $100+ million opening at the box office, chances seem pretty good. Read more: Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman’ look was inspired by Kurt Cobain When The Independent spoke to […]

Robert Pattinson's 'The Batman' look was inspired by Kurt Cobain

The Batman director Matt Reeves previously stated Nirvana‘s Kurt Cobain inspired his version of Bruce Wayne. Now, he has elaborated on the shaping of Robert Pattinson‘s grungier Batman. Read more: 28 never-before-seen images of Nirvana will be sold as NFTs Reeves told Esquire he first starting thinking of creating a grungier Bruce Wayne while listening […]

From 'Twilight' to 'Snowpiercer,' here is what's leaving Netflix in January

Netflix is welcoming in the New Year by wiping a number of movies and T.V. shows off the platform this month. You can check out a complete list of what’s leaving in January below. Read more: Saturday Night Live honors Betty White with rebroadcast of classic episode Twilight fans only have a few weeks left […]

Robert Pattinson has a vision for 'The Batman' set across two more films

Robert Pattinson has a vision for the future of The Batman, and it includes more movies. “I’ve made a kind of map for where Bruce [Wayne]’s psychology would grow over two more movies,” Pattinson tells Empire. “I would love to do it.” You can check out the official trailer for The Batman below. Read more: New ‘The Batman’ […]

New 'The Batman' teaser hints at villain's sinister plans for Gotham

With 2022 fast on the way, Matt Reeves’ highly anticipated The Batman is inching closer to its March 4 release date. A new teaser gives fans a closer look at the film’s intense dialogue and action-packed plot. The trailer also highlights the intentions of one of the Dark Knight’s classic adversaries. Read more: ‘The Batman’ […]

'The Batman' trailer shows Robert Pattinson's "out of control" portrayal

It has been five years since DC’s Batman has appeared in a feature film. Now, the franchise is looking to continue its streak with its soon-to-be box office hit The Batman. Released during the DC FanDome, the official trailer for The Batman has fans discussing not only the cinematic visuals of the movie but the […]

Hayley Williams and Robert Pattinson talking about 'Twilight' is peak 2000s

We can all agree that Hayley Williams and Robert Pattinson were among the strongest talents showcased by Twilight. Seriously, movie aside, just look to the soundtrack for definitive proof of that fact. Did that make them fitting candidates to interview each other, though? Fortunately for the world, MySpace answered that with a definitive yes. The Paramore vocalist and Twilight protagonist sat opposite each other for […]

Every single one of the 36 songs you've heard in 'Twilight' ranked

How many movies boast soundtracks that can maintain cultural relevance for a decade, if not longer? If the Twilight series is any indication, the answer is at least five. Hayley Williams proved this point when she sparked a Twitter debate over the best song from the original movie. Though Paramore had contributed two tracks to the film, their vocalist’s […]

Robert Pattinson returns to ‘Twilight’ roots for a new vampire role—kind of

While we may have thought that Robert Pattinson’s vampire days were long past, Haim just took to Late Night With Seth Meyers to prove that assumption dead wrong. The Grammy-nominated band appeared on the show Thursday to promote their third studio album, Women In Music Pt. III. Costumed as vampire brides, they went on to […]

QUIZ: Build a playlist and we’ll tell you if you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob

Twelve long years after Breaking Dawn was published, making us smile and cry in equal measures, the newest literary installment in the Twilight franchise, Midnight Sun, brought us all back to our Twilight phase. With that book, we were finally able to see the events of the first novel through the eyes of teenage vampire […]

Here’s why some are convinced Robert Pattinson’s Batman is an MCR fan

We may have to wait until 2022 to see Robert Pattinson as Batman. However, this hasn’t stopped My Chemical Romance fans from convincing the internet that Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne is a massive fan of the group. This week, fans noticed that Pattinson’s Batman greatly resembles some iconic MCR album artwork. As well, they are convinced […]

15 emo anthems that would suit Robert Pattinson’s Batman

R-Battz is finally here. We’ve waited a long time to visualize Robert Pattinson’s interpretation of the Dark Knight, and the first official trailer for next year’s The Batman gave us more emo vibes than we could handle. This is the first incarnation of the caped crusader to show the black eyeliner every Batman wears beneath […]

Robert Pattinson found a similarity between ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Batman’ roles

It’s hard to imagine that the Batman and Twilight franchises have anything in common, you know, apart from the brooding nature of their protagonists. However, Robert Pattinson has revealed one significant similarity that he’s found in his leading roles. Spoiler alert: It has nothing to do with the association between vampires and bats.  Pattinson skyrocketed […]

‘The Batman’ filming resumes after Robert Pattinson’s reported quarantine

Earlier this month, production for Matt Reeves‘ The Batman was shut down again after a crew member tested positive for coronavirus. It was reported that Robert Pattinson was the crew member who tested positive. Now, it has been revealed that filming for The Batman has resumed in the United Kingdom. Read more: Is Tom DeLonge’s […]

Robert Pattinson has reportedly tested positive for coronavirus

According to Variety, Robert Pattinson has tested positive for coronavirus. Due to this, production for Matt Reeves‘ The Batman has been suspended again. Read more: Disney is re-evaluating ‘Black Panther 2’ after Chadwick Boseman’s death Production for The Batman is currently happening in the United Kingdom after initially being shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic. […]

This ‘Twilight’ actor says he would reprise his role “in a heartbeat”

Following the release of the highly-awaited Twilight book Midnight Sun last month, Stephenie Meyer confirmed that she plans to write two more books in the popular series. Since then, Twihards have started to wonder if this means new Twilight films could happen in the future. Now, one Twilight actor explains why he would reprise his […]

Marvel fans are as confused as you are over #MarvelIsOverParty trending

For all those Marvel fans out there that haven’t been on Twitter lately, the hashtag #MarvelIsOverParty is currently trending. Why? Well, many MCU fans are still trying to figure that out. Avid fans of Marvel are currently flooding the hashtag with all of the things they wish the franchise had done and would do in […]
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