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18 musicians’ Hogwarts houses and why they make sense

Harry Potter fans, known as Potterheads, and casual fans alike have taken the Pottermore Sorting Hat quiz to discover which of the four houses they would be sorted into if they attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry alongside the boy wizard himself. Some of our favorite musicians are no exception, taking to the stage and […]

15 emo anthems that would suit Robert Pattinson’s Batman

R-Battz is finally here. We’ve waited a long time to visualize Robert Pattinson’s interpretation of the Dark Knight, and the first official trailer for next year’s The Batman gave us more emo vibes than we could handle. This is the first incarnation of the caped crusader to show the black eyeliner every Batman wears beneath […]

Here’s how to see Red Jumpsuit Apparatus play ‘Don’t You Fake It’ in full

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus recently released their The Emergency EP, and now the band are set to play the new tracks in a live setting. The audience can also expect to hear fan-favorite tracks as TRJA will be playing Don’t You Fake It in celebration of the album’s 14th anniversary. The discography-spanning performance will mark […]

These 10 iPhone home screens will make you miss Myspace all over again

Apple has just unveiled a new update for the iPhone, and it’s giving us major Myspace vibes. iOS 14 was released mid-September, and, among several things, it’s allowed people to completely customize their home screens with widgets. People can change the faces of their apps, add various widgets and use live wallpaper to deck out […]

Hawthorne Heights have some advice for Kanye’s plan to sue his label

Earlier this week, Kanye West took to Twitter to announce that he wants to be released from his contract with Universal and Sony. Following his tweet, he revealed his plans to possibly sue the labels after receiving no response from them. Since then, he has shared every single page of his current contract online. Now, […]

20 Virgos in the music scene celebrating their birthday season

It’s finally Virgo season! It’s time to celebrate some of the coolest Virgos, born from Aug. 23 to Sept. 22. Virgos are known for being organized, creative, efficient, independent and charitable. Virgos are earth signs, which means they are also grounded and well adjusted. In the music industry, it’s great to have a Virgo around […]

These 8 emo song lyrics will continue to soothe future broken hearts

Let us make a toast to modern emo. The drama! The poetry! The minimum daily requirement of whining! Let’s make it perfectly clear right now that we’re not throwing shade on the genre. We’ve come to celebrate it in all of its heart-wrenching enormity. That’s why we’ve taken eight of the most emo song lyrics […]

These 10 song lyrics are better than any pickup line you’ve ever heard

What’s the dumbest pickup line you ever heard? Better yet, what’s the dumbest one you’ve ever used? It’s probably something you wouldn’t want to own up to in the first place. Then again, maybe it worked so amazingly well, you’re keeping it to yourself. (If not, please drop it in the comments section below.) We […]

19 of the best debut albums to come out of the scene

They say you have your entire life to create your debut album, but they’re usually pretty terrible. However, these scene acts went above and beyond the call of duty, making bona fide masterpieces from the very start. There’s hardly any filler on these records, and many of the albums mentioned here are fan favorites to […]

Power Trip vocalist Riley Gale dies

Power Trip vocalist Riley Gale has passed away. The band shared the news on social media Tuesday. Gale died Monday evening according to the statement signed by the vocalist’s family. The cause of death has not been disclosed. While funeral arrangements are pending, they ask that all donations be sent to Dallas Hope Charities in […]

Hear Machine Gun Kelly channel classic pop-punk in “concert for aliens”

After much anticipation, Machine Gun Kelly is back with another new song off of his forthcoming album Tickets To My Downfall. On Wednesday, he debuted his highly-awaited new single “concert for aliens” after teasing a clip on Good Morning America last month. Read more: Stir up your own potions with this new ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ […]

16 scene albums from 2006 you built most of your iPod playlists from

History doesn’t lie. Consult sales charts. Ask Kevin Lyman what Warped Tour‘s box office receipts were like. For all intents and purposes, 2006 could be best described as “peak scene.” Careers were built. Fandoms became strong. The pool of Dudes Playing Guitars Quickly And Loudly grew exponentially. These are the scene albums from 2006 that […]

QUIZ: Which throwback TV show from the 2000s should you binge?

It can sometimes be exhausting to find a new TV show to invest yourself in when there are so many options with streaming. That’s why it’s a good idea to revisit some of your old favorites from the 2000s.  The 2000s were filled with shows we loved before Netflix was as popular as it is now. […]

17 scene albums from 2006 you probably still listen to daily

By 2006, scene culture had grown roots in every mainstream area possible. Myspace took over as the primary mode of social media communication, and bands spread like wildfire once they uploaded music. It was a whirlwind year, as music became more accessible to a larger group of people, Hot Topic brightened its lights and studded […]

10 songs you forgot you had on your Myspace player

We spend a lot of time regularly thinking back to the good old days when we’d devote hours to working on our Myspace pages and searching for new music to impress our friends. The social media website was instrumental in developing our music taste and connecting us with bands we still love today, such as Paramore, […]

This is the coffee shop every true emo lover needs to visit

California-based Melted Vinyl Coffee is not just a shop to sip hot beverages in. From signature drinks to vintage clothing and records, Melted Vinyl Coffee is creating its “own vibe” in the industry. Now, thanks to TikTok, the company is creatively showing why every true emo kid needs to check out their shop. Read more: […]

Here's 20 iconic guitar riffs from the 2000s you’ll recognize immediately

What’s that old saying? “What goes around comes around?” All we’re saying is that plenty of new things grow out of old soil. We saw how the ’90s grunge scene killed the hair-farming aspects of ’80s metal. So it was inevitable that the next gen of rockers would marry sick riffs with expanded guitar shredding. […]

Here are the 20 greatest guitar riffs from the 2000s

If the flannelly, lo-fi nature of ’90s grunge killed the hairspray bravado of ’80s hair metal, then the 2000s definitely brought back some of its technicality and musicianship. The first decade of this century showcased way more than 20 perfect examples of a timeless guitar riff. It was quite difficult narrowing this list down, but […]

Riot Fest postpones until 2021 and reveals the first wave of the lineup

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Riot Fest 2020 has been postponed until 2021. The festival announced the new dates and first lineup announcement on June 16. The Chicago-based festival follows a long list of other festivals that have been postponed this year including Lollapalooza, Glastonbury, Coachella and Reading and Leeds. Read more: My Chemical […]

10 new songs from black artists who should already be on your playlist

In the words of FEVER 333’s Jason Butler, “Black music is rock music.” AltPress wouldn’t exist without the contributions from black artists who inadvertently paved the way for rock ’n’ roll, which was derived from rhythm and blues.  Today, we want to celebrate black artists who are keeping punk, rock and indie alive and stand […]
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