This year has been full of ups and downs. We lost some amazing, talented artists such as Kyle Pavone and Mac Miller. Warped Tour had its last cross-country stint, but we celebrate music as a whole. From live performances and festivals to new album releases, there are a lot of music moments to be thankful for.

Here are some of our favorite moments from the past year, in no particular order.

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1. twenty one pilots’ glorious return

This has been, without a doubt, a huge year for twenty one pilots. The duo just ended their year-long hiatus in July, but there’s still too many amazing moments to count. We’ve entered the Trench era where yellow is the color of choice. “My Blood” ripped all of our hearts out and then ran over them with a burning car during the duo’s AMA “Jumpsuit” performance.

2. Slipknot make bloody comeback

What’s a good music video without a ton of blood? This year felt like the year of blood based on the amazing and horrific music videos that came out. In typical Slipknot fashion, “All Out Life” became a literal blood bath. On top of that, Slipknot are doing an amazing All Hope Is Gone reissue and are confirmed to be working on a new album as well as a tour in 2019.

3. Gerard Way shares new music

All of our hearts bleed black because of Gerard Way. Thankfully, the emo king himself released “Baby You’re A Haunted House,” featuring a full band of spooky, scary skeletons. This is his first release in four years, and it’s confirmed he’s working on a new album. His song hit over 1 million views in a week, and he released another song, “Getting Down The Germs.” We can’t wait to hear what’s next.

4. Panic! At The Disco play tiny venues across U.S.

Panic! At The Disco have had a wild year and are on a constant upward spiral. Prior to releasing their chart-topping album Pray For The Wicked, the band teased the album with “unholy water” and Worship Wednesday while embarking on a secretive small venue tour. Thousands of fans wrapped around small venues such as Cleveland’s Grog Shop in the hopes of being admitted into the small-capacity room.

5. The Maine literally had a funeral for Lovely Little Lonely

If you hadn’t heard, the Maine threw a huge funeral in Baltimore to lay their 2017 album Lovely Little Lonely to rest. The band rented a casket and put it in front of the venue as well. Fans laid roses in the coffin to pay their respects and wore red for the occasion. Following the sold-out show, the band went right to work with Matt Squire on their seventh album.

6. Every Time I Die’s Jordan Buckley competes with Pennywise to be the last ever Warped Tour performer

Every Time I Die’s guitarist closed out the band’s set at the end of Warped Tour with a 10-minute guitar solo after the band concluded with fan-favorite “Map Change.” As the stagehands packed up the band’s equipment, Buckley was still standing on an amp paying his heart out. Additionally, Pennywise played the last ever set of the cross-country Vans Warped Tour. Impressively enough, they were on the first tour and appropriately finished out the last.

7. Fall Out Boy share long-awaited Lake Effect Kid EP

Fall Out Boy’s demo version of “Lake Effect Kid” appeared on Welcome To The New Administration, a prerelease mixtape from the Folie À Deux days. Now, we finally have a full studio take along with two new songs, plus a video for “City In A Garden.” MANIA is awesome, but these old Fall Out Boy sounds are exactly what we needed this year.

8. Halsey joins Panic! At The Disco onstage

Halsey is a self-proclaimed emo fan who loves all things alternative. It only makes sense that she’d seize the opportunity to sing Panic!’s anthem “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” with the band at Corona Capital. They also performed it together at Coachella in 2016, but honestly, we will never get tired of this collaboration.

9. Post Malone didn’t die

Post Malone’s had a tough year. He was involved in a car accident, plane crash, was the target of a robbery and touched a very haunted object (that may or may not have been the cause of his string of bad luck). When you read all of that, it’s pretty funny, but 100 percent true. Essentially, we are happy that he’s alive, well and buying lots of food.

10. Weezer cover “Africa”

Toto’s hit “Africa” has been the subject of internet memes for over a year. This unlikely rendition was the outcome of a months-long Twitter campaign from a fan account. It turns out this cover is so well-liked, it’s Weezer’s biggest hit in a decade. The music video acts as a shot-for-shot parody from 1994’s “Undone - The Sweater Song” video featuring “Weird Al” Yankovic as Rivers Cuomo.

11. Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly beef

Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly first began feuding in 2012 thanks to a now infamous tweet, but this year marked a major blow up. Eminem’s “Killshot” and MGK’s “Rap Devil” are both diss tracks worthy of replaying over and over again to catch each insult. Eminem’s “Killshot” made history as the biggest hip-hop debut on YouTube ever. No matter who you side with, it’s fair to say this feud will be worth revisiting years later.

12. Black Veil Brides squash breakup rumors

Andy Biersack is working on several amazing projects, but that doesn’t mean Black Veil Brides are over. On a podcast, bassist Ashley Purdy scared fans saying that the 2018 Vans Warped Tour dates would be “the last time” to see the band. Biersack responded exclusively to AP, saying this is the first time he’s been made aware of any impending breakup. “As far as I know, there are no plans to end the band after Warped,” he says.