See which album your zodiac sign should avoid while Mercury is in retrograde

You’ve probably heard people blame things on Mercury retrograde in the past. If you’re into astrology, you know what’s up. However, for those who aren’t, here’s why Mercury going retrograde is just so antagonizing. When planets go retrograde, they appear to be moving in reverse. What this means, astrologically, is that a planet in retrograde […]

Norwegian band point out Imagine Dragons artwork similarities

Norwegian prog band Maraton have pointed out some very uncanny similarities between an Imagine Dragons cover artwork and one of their own. The band’s artwork for their single “Blood Music” looks damn near identical to Imagine Dragons’ cover image for “Bad Liar”. Check out the similarities, below. Read more: Facebook, Instagram allegedly down worldwide, incites social […]

Banksy mural memorializing Paris terror victims stolen

A Banksy mural painted on a fire door at the Bataclan theater in Paris has been stolen, as reported by The Independent. The artwork, portraying a black-and-white figure wearing a veil, was seen as a tribute to the victims of the November 2015 terror attacks in the French capital, where 90 people were killed at […]

Did this photo inspire TØP's 'Trench' album cover?

The Clique are known to be super-sleuths on top of their fervent fandom for twenty one pilots. So much so, in fact, that even the stock photo of a vulture that purportedly inspired the amber-hued fowl on the front of Trench was actually dug up and identified by some birdwatching TØP devotees on Reddit following the […]

Billie Joe Armstrong reacts to Vince Staples' Green Day-ish album art

Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstrong sees your album art, Vince Staples, and he loves it! The pop-punk king shares the face of the rapper’s new album on Instagram, adding his voice to the chorus of approval for the Cutthroat Boyz member’s third studio effort, FM!, released last week. But does the album cover look similar […]

Banksy's shredded painting now being revived as a new piece

Last week, mysterious street artist Banksy pulled the greatest, well, most expensive, prank of all time by causing one of his own pieces to self-destruct at an auction via a paper shredder inserted into the painting’s frame. Onlookers at the event may have been horrified from what happened, especially considering it was purchased at an […]

Banksy painting self-destructs right after being sold for $1.4 million

Ever wonder what it’s like to shred $1.4 million dollars? One unfortunate art lover may have done just that after purchasing a Banksy piece at auction for that large lump sum, only to have the painting self-destruct moments after winning the bid war. No, we’re not joking. Read more: Gerard Way’s Netflix series ‘Umbrella Academy’ […]

Life of Agony's Alan Robert's movie poster design selected for 'the Nun'

Life Of Agony‘s bassist, Alan Robert, designed a poster for the upcoming Conjuring spinoff, the Nun, and it’s seriously scary. Read more: YouTube removes trailer for ‘The Nun’ after violating “shocking content” policy Leading up to the release of the film, that’s out now, New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures created an “art activation campaign,” […]

Grim likeness of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love featured on Melvins tour poster

A show poster for sludge godfathers the Melvins seemingly presents a pretty grotesque illustration of late grunge paragon Kurt Cobain and his well-known widow Courtney Love, as pointed out by Consequence of Sound. See the image below. Read more: Courtney Love warned us about Harvey Weinstein The poster displays what appears to be the Nirvana […]

Kellin Quinn announces pop-up signing and art show

[Photo by: kellinquinn/Instagram] Kellin Quinn just announced a seriously cool art showing and signing, and we don't think there's a better way to spend a Saturday than by seeing some of Quinn's original work. Read more: Jack Fowler teases “2012-sounding Sleeping With Sirens” music He announced the news on Instagram, sharing that the the event will be […]

How Doug Dean creates impactful album artwork for the Homeless Gospel Choir and more

[Photo by: Doug Dean]  Music design is a part of the industry that has a huge impact, but isn’t often talked about. Sure, there’s painter Esao Andrews who has become known for his work with Circa Survive and classic covers by famous artists such as the Velvet Underground’s self-titled debut by Andy Warhol; but how […]

Dallon Weekes loves Gerard Way’s ‘Umbrella Academy’ as much as we do

[Photo by: Gerard Way/Facebook, Dallon Weekes/Mallory Turner] Dallon Weekes can basically do it all, right? He shared his first digital drawing on Instagram today, and not only is it seriously spectacular—but it’s showing Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy some serious love, too. Read more: Let’s revisit IDKHBTFM frontman Dallon Weekes’ best Vines “My first digital drawing. […]

20 truly amazing Waterparks fan drawings

[Photo by: waterparks.fanart/Instagram]  Waterparks fans are dedicated and talented, creating art of their favorite band that's crazy creative. We're particularly fond of the Awsten Knight drawing from the brand new cover of AP (not biased at all). Check out these 20 great drawings of the Gloom Boys that we've rounded up for you.  Read more: Waterparks’ […]

Check out these rad band drawings from this year's 'Inktober' event

[Photos by: @maryakira/Twitter, @helpmepaularize/Twitter, @sarajotabe/Twitter] Inktober 2017 has officially drawn to a close and artists everywhere are setting down their pencils and pens to heave a sigh of relief. If you made it to the finish line, congratulations. But if you missed out on the annual event, don't worry: We've complied a list of the best scene-based […]

23 fan art Instagram accounts you should be following

[Photos by: @mollie_anne_ / @rachlikesbands / @carpentre] Everyone loves music in their own way, but some artistically inspired fans use their skills to express that love in the form of paintings, sketches or a pair of personalized Vans. Some artists develop entire Instagram accounts for their fan art, while others include their artwork in posts alongside […]

Two never-before-exhibited Kurt Cobain paintings to be displayed at art fair in Seattle

Kurt Cobain’s artwork is set to be displayed the Seattle Art Fair, with two never-before-exhibited paintings making their debut through a United Talent Agency showcase. (via The New York Times) Read more: Frances Bean Cobain, Lindsey Way have an art exhibition The United Talent Agency Fine Arts director Joshua Roth refers to the exhibition, which will […]

Frances Bean Cobain, Lindsey Way have an art exhibition

Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, and Lindsey Way, member of Mindless Self Indulgence and wife of My Chemical Romance (may they rest in peace) frontman Gerard Way, have joined forces to present an art exhibit called ‘Ghosts for Sale.’ Even celebrities like Kat Von D have stopped by to check out […]

From Blink-182 to My Chemical Romance, see this artist’s amazing street art-inspired lyric posters

[Photo credit: Instagram | @klhrdesign] Fan art has never failed to blow us away, and designer Kevin Lau has made some street-art inspiring posters that are seriously amazing. Check out a few of his designs below! Read more: 12 musicians who are also amazing visual artists Lau’s Instagram (@klhrdesign) is filled with his creations, inspired by everything […]

12 musicians who are also amazing visual artists

Music is art. Duh. But plenty of musicians are a double threat; on top of their musical achievements, they are also accomplished visual artists. Whether it’s illustration, painting, doodling or comic book drawing, these 12 musicians have some serious artistic talent. 1. Ninja Ninja’s artwork can be seen all through the background of Die Antwoord’s […]

These pop-punk comics are so accurate

[Photo via Instagram] You have to admit it, there are so pretty talented people in our scene. From awesome makeup and tattoos, fans make some great artwork. Read more: Here, the Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy & All Time Low coloring book pages you’ve always wanted Instagram user sarsapunk creates some pretty epic pop-punk comics that'll make you […]
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